FREE Resources

The following resources are provided to inspire, motivate, and assist you in creating quality artwork and are updated on a regular basis so be sure to check back frequently for updated materials.

The FREE resources have been gathered from online and off-line resources so please double check to make sure you have the proper copyrights before using them in your commercial artwork.

CLICK on the image or link below to view the FREE resources.

A.  Reference Materials

  1. Textures
    — Wood

B.  Creative Ideas (coming soon)

  1. Proven Art Themes
    — Beauty & The Beast
    — Man vs. Machine
    — Man vs. Nature
    — Good vs. Evil
    — Romantic Couple
    — Spiritual Awakening
    — Biblical Teachings
  2. Color Themes
    — Black & White
    — Black & Red
    — Monochrome
  3. Crazy Ass Art!

C.  Chromakey Backdrops (coming soon)

  1. Gardens
  2. Cityscapes
  3. Landscapes