Keys To Success In Art #3 – Understand The Difference Between Negative Vs. Positive Criticism In Art

Have you ever had someone criticize your art work and tell you that your artwork is just “okay” or that it’s “no good” or that it “looks ugly”?

Better yet, have you met someone that tries to tell you how to do your artwork better?

Even worse, have you ever gotten an unsolicited opinion from someone that’s not even an artist?

I ask these questions because often times, I have many art students who get upset, discouraged, sad and even depressed because someone else doesn’t like their artwork.

In this video, I want to explain the difference between negative versus positive criticism in art.

This is important because in order to improve as an artist you have to get reviewed by your peers.

Noticed I said peers and not just any random person off the street.

A peer is someone who studies, practices and creates art.

A peer is not an art critic or journalist.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions of your artwork and they have the right to express their opinion of whether or not they like your artwork.

However, NOT every one is entitled or has the ability to give positive criticism on your artwork if they don’t actually have experience doing it themselves.

I hope this video helps to better protect you against the useless opinions of non-artist and opens your mind to the positive and constructive criticisms of fellow artists who are qualified to give you suggestions on how you can improve your artwork.


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