My First Post

Welcome to the Artist Hangout my friend!

One of the Keys To Success In Art that I teach is to set up the conditions which will allow you to succeed as an artist.

For me personally, I am the most creative and productive when I am teaching art versus doing it solo at home in a solitary environment.

A Few Bumps On The Road…

The last time I picked up a brush to paint was in 2006.

I got hit with several personal issues which prevented me from continuing to paint or teach others my art system and methodology for many years.

  1. First, my eyesight started to deteriorate very badly to a point where it was very difficult for me to clearly see what I was drawing or painting.
  2. Second, I suffered multiple heart attacks that nearly killed me!
  3. Third, I got married and had 2 kids which ate up all my free time.

In Texas where I live, we have a saying that goes:

“Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and they are usually full of shit!”

No More Excuses!

After nearly a decade of NOT creating any artwork and several failed attempts to get back into art, I finally made a commitment to get back into art again after the summer of 2015 for several reasons:

  • I finally got LASIK surgery on my eyes so I can see clearly now.
  • My heart condition has stabilized now and I feel a lot better physically.
  • My kids are old enough where I have a little bit of extra free time to myself now.
  • My wife is not happy with the fact that I have painted a portrait of “every girl” on the planet except for her!
  • I enjoy making a positive impact in other people’s lives through my art and I miss that part of art dearly and would like to get back to it.

Setting Up The Conditions
For Art Success

I decided to take advantage of the current technologies to ensure that I set up the appropriate conditions and goals for me to succeed as an artist and NOT slack off.

  1. I set up the Artist Hangout art blog to hold all my resources and allow my fellow artist to follow me.
  2. I set up an Artist Hangout YouTube channel so tha I can host live artist hangouts and broadcast our message to other fellow artists.
  3. I have already purchased most of my dry and wet art supplies including my storage cabinets for easy access and storage
  4.  I have already purchased the wood, nuts, bolts etc. to build my artist easel and just need to find time to assemble it.
  5. I have already started to search for office space so that I can start a Artist Hangout (meetup) as well as open up an art school in the city of Dallas which is located in the state of Texas.

It is the Fall of 2015 as I write this page and I really look forward to sharing my art and experience with other people.

I really look forward to engaging and collaborating with other artists again to live the creative life!

And most of all I really look forward to making a positive and impactful difference in other people’s lives through art!