No More Starving Artist! #1 – Create Artwork That People Want To Buy!

I hate to see to see artist starve!

It drives me nuts to see talented artist have to starve simply because they don’t know how to market and sell their artwork.

I despise the urban myth of the “starving artist” or the idea that if you want to be an artist that you have to starve.  Screw that!

Therefore, I decided to create a series called, “No More Starving Artist!” to prove to everyone, especially other artists, that you don’t have to starve as an artist!

I believe that artists starve because:

  • They allow the negative beliefs of non-artist to infect their minds.
  • They have never met an artist who makes a good living so they don’t realize it’s possible.
  • They don’t realize that you have to know how to market and sell your artwork in order to make a living and that technical art skills alone will not be enough.
  • Etc.

I want these series of videos to educate and inspire other upcoming artist to pursue their art dreams and not allow the negative beliefs of non-artists to get in their way.

In this first video I will talk about creating artwork that people want to buy.

Leave your questions, comments and suggestions for future videos below.

Click No More Starving Artist! for a list of all the episodes in this series or click the link below to watch the next episode:

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