Open Source RV/Bug Out Van #2 – Choosing A Chassis – Ram Promaster vs. Ford Transit vs. Mercedes Sprinter

There are 3 comparable van chassis that you can use to build your custom RV including the RAM Promaster, Ford Transit, and the Mercedes Sprinter.

In this video, I want to share with you the reasons my wife and I decided to go with the RAM Promaster.

Artist Hangout - Van Comparison
The 3 Most Popular High Roof RV Van Chassis

I believe that all 3 van chassis are high quality vehicles and neither one is better than the other.  It’s just a matter of personal preference which one you prefer.

Furthermore, there are 3 distinct RV sizes available on the market including Classes, A, B, & C.

I will also share with you why we chose the Class B van size RV over the other two bigger RV sizes.

Artist Hangout - RV Classes
Standard RV Classes


Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future videos in the comment section below.

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One thought on “Open Source RV/Bug Out Van #2 – Choosing A Chassis – Ram Promaster vs. Ford Transit vs. Mercedes Sprinter”

  1. Here is some commentary I found to be very helpful from “uncubed” in the Promaster Forum:

    “Hi Tai

    Watched your video. The van is a RAM PROMASTER and there is no Dodge name. Under the RAM brand. Also there is the Fiat Ducato, not

    In Europe there is the Citroen Jumper and the Peugeot Boxer. These vans are all the same. The Europe one got a face lift for 2015.
    Most likely get a face lift for 2017 for the Ram Promaster, but not sure.

    The only things that you can get to in the cab is the battery and the gas tank service cap and there is a extra nipple there if
    you are going to add a gas heater or generator. Oil change is from the front and under. Very easy to do.

    Extended length van bumper to bumper is 250 inches and the 159″ non ext is 236 inches. So it is not much longer.

    The 2500 van and 3500 van can carry close to the same weight. The numbers mean nothing except for regulations and insurance.
    The 2500 can have a cargo load of just under 4000 pounds and the 3500 is just over that. The 3500 has a rear sway bar which
    will help with top heavy loaded.

    In the rear is a trailer type drop axle. This allow for spring travel (suspension).

    It sounds like a terrible buying experience at that dealer and was not very nice at all. Good luck with the next dealer.”

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