Cowboy Lighting 3000 Watt Softbox Lighting Kit Review

In this video, I want to review the Cowboy Lighting 3000 Watt Softbox Lighting Kit.

It is a fairly decent and workable set of light boxes that are fairly priced for video and photography work.

If you are:

1. On a budget.
2. Don’t care to have anything fancy.
3. Doing semi/professional photo/video work.
4. Will not be moving the light set around from
one location to another.
5. Do not plan on disassembling and reassembling
the light set often.

Then this light set is perfect because you will get the most bang for the buck!

However, if you plan on moving from one location to another often and assembling/disassembling the light set frequently, then I do not recommend it.

2010-10-27 UPDATE:  OK folks, I have been flooded with questions about the light kit since I put up my video review and have been busy and haven’t had a chance to answer any of them so here are some answers and a quick update.

I have used the lights almost EVERYDAY since I bought them at the beginning of 2010 and they work great!

The light switches, bulbs, hoods, etc. all work fine.

Pay close attention to what I said in the video about over tightening the screw and “cracking” the plastic neck piece in my video. Don’t over tighten it and you should be fine.

The lights work really well for me cause I don’t move them around much.

If you plan on breaking it down and setting it up often cause you are shooting in a different location all the time then don’t buy these lights!

They say it’s portable but it’s really not durable enough for repeated assembly/disassembly.

However, if you plan on just moving it around inside the studio and rarely have plans to disassemble it, then I think it’s the best bang for the buck out there!

All the bulbs that were working when I first got it are still working today. The stands, fuses, and everything still work great.

Also, the rice I used for the counter weight bag is still working out well 🙂

(I apologize to all you folks who sent me email questions throughout the year and I didn’t answer them, but hopefully I was able to answer everything in this update. Basically, if I had to start over, I would buy them again cause they provide the lighting I need and they are affordable for me, and I would just be cautious not to over tighten the neck portion.)

2015-11-10 UPDATE:  The lights are still working fine and nothing has changed.  It collects dust like anything else if you leave it in one place for a long time.  You can clean the dust off using a dust broom.  Do not use a towel or any of those chlorox cleaning wipes because they don’t work well.

I have 2 bulbs die on me on one of the lights but I have not bothered to replace them because I haven’t had time and it did not make a big difference in my lightning.

I will replace the 2 dead bulbs the next time I’m at the store and I can remember to get them.   Hope this update helps everyone.

Leave your questions, comments and suggestions for future videos below.

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Cowboy Lighting 3000 Watt Softbox Lighting Kit